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You deliver quality care for your patients. But you can’t be everywhere at all times.

That’s where we step in. Using the latest technology, we stay constantly connected to your patient’s health. We provide an accurate depiction of patient status in real time, helping you make better-informed decisions and improve patient outcomes.

What’s up (and down) at Pod Health

Going up
Patient adherence

With a friendly team of experts providing support, tools, and reminders, patients are more likely to follow their health plan.

Patient outcomes

A constant stream of real-time patient data forms a comprehensive picture of patient health, so you can create a data-driven health plan and conduct targeted interventions.

Patient satisfaction

Patients who are personally involved in taking care of their own health – and are able to do so from the comfort of home – report higher levels of satisfaction and an improved patient experience.

Patient access to care

Patients are not limited by time and space with a virtual clinic – they can enjoy access to quality care when they need it, from wherever they are.

Patient retention

The promise of top-tier care delivered with incomparable convenience offers a strong competitive edge – helping boost current patient retention and attract more potential patients.

Going down
Rate of admission/readmission

With an expert team constantly keeping tabs on their health, patients are less likely to need emergency department visits or be admitted or readmitted into hospitals or other care facilities.

Patient expenses and inconvenience

Access to a virtual practice enables patients to communicate with a health professional from wherever they are – without incurring extra costs from travel, missing work, childcare, etc.

Exposure to infection

A patient is always at risk of infection when entering a hospital or other healthcare facility – and it’s especially dangerous for the immunocompromised. A virtual clinic eliminates this risk, keeping patients safer and healthier.


What healthcare providers say about POD Health

I feel confident my home care patients are getting the holistic care they need by having daily remote patient monitoring.

Maya Hawthorne, RN

My patients will have less ER visits and hospitalizations by having their vitals monitored by Pod Health.

Dr. Aria Patel, MD

My patients are in safe hands with Pod Health. I know their providers are on demand and able to support and manage their health care goals.

Dr. Aviva Singh, PhD

I trust Pod Health to help manage my patients' chronic condition that needs constant monitoring.

Eamon Faraday, NP

Improve patient outcomes and overall
satisfaction. Boost your profits as you do.