Expert knowledge, human warmth, and cutting-edge technology.
We’re the intersection of all three.

Our mission

We understand that when it comes to medical care you want more:

MORE Peace of mind
MORE Clarity
MORE Flexibility
MORE Options

Using the latest in technological innovation, our virtual practice connects you with top providers on demand—so you can live life with greater peace of mind, more time, and better health.


We keep your care connected.

Pod Health’s streamlined data keeps everyone on
the same page – doctors, caregivers, and family
members – so you can feel secure knowing no detail
is falling through the cracks


Feel safe in your

You can count on rapid-response times and the full
attention of our hyper-vigilant team, because we know even
a couple minutes or a small variance in vital signs can be a
big deal.

Our Values

At Pod Health, we are always:

logo Passionate about proactive health

No detail is overlooked thanks to our vigilant approach to health, which includes round-the-clock monitoring, prompt follow-ups, and a focus on preventative care.

logo Observant and respectful of your unique needs

Treating patients nationwide, we keep an open and respectful mind toward each patient’s unique sensitivities – ensuring that all can feel safe, understood, and embraced by their Pod team.

logo Dedicated to making quality healthcare available to all

We firmly believe everyone deserves access to a top-tier medical team. And with a countrywide virtual practice, a user-friendly interface, and white-glove service, we’re making it possible.

The faces behind the screen

Our team comprises a wide range of specialists – physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and medical assistants – so you can be sure the care you’re getting is truly comprehensive. Think of us as approachable, caring specialists who are always in your pocket.


Under the leadership of:

Alexandra Levy, RN Read bio
Alexandra Levy, RN RN

Alexandra Levy, Registered Nurse, graduated from Adelphi University in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Science of Nursing. Alex has wanted to be a nurse ever since she was 9 years old, when she went to visit her grandfather in the intensive care unit after surgery. She vividly remembers watching the nurses care for him with grace, intelligence, warmth, and ease. Alex remembers thinking, “Wow, these nurses are incredible and I want to be just like them.” One of her greatest achievements as a nurse was when she was working as a Visiting Nurse and was assigned a biweekly visit to a patient who was bed-bound and virtually nonverbal due to a stroke. The patient had terrible bedsores that needed care. At each visit, Alex was assessing the patient’s status and providing wound care. Over several months, she witnessed these awful wounds heal, and saw sores go from open to close. As a byproduct of these wounds healing, the patient’s pain lessened and her comfort level increased, which led to the patient starting to speak again and engage with her family once more. Seeing the happiness of this family as their loved one healed is a memory Alex will treasure forever. Alex is an avid exerciser; she tries to go for an early morning run and lift weights 6 days a week. As a former psychiatric nurse, she strongly believes that maintaining your mental health is crucial for one’s overall wellbeing. Alex says, "For me, I’ve found that exercise with the right music, of course, is key!" Alex is known for her commitment to her patients health and wellbeing, and is dedicated to improving the lives and outcomes of those she and her team care for.


A team that’s always compassionate, always knowledgeable, and always by your side.